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Biomolecular Adsorption Database

The Biomolecular Adsorption Database (BAD) is an archive of the protein adsorption data, as reported in the literature. We plan to extend the database to other biomolecule types in the future. Neuronal Networks prediction of the protein adsorbed amount, layer thickness and surface tension of the protein-covered surface is provided, together with additional information where available.

If using data from the BAD in its entirety, or the prediction tools, please cite the journal reference as:
E.N. Vasina, E. Paszek, D. V. Jr. Nicolau and D. V. Nicolau.
The BAD project: data mining, database and prediction of protein adsorption on surfaces.
Lab Chip,9 pp.891-900 (2009)

If you use individual data points, the BAD also provides information regarding the respective reference at URL

Structure of the BAD

The BAD comprises tables organized along protein-, surface- and fluid-related descriptors, information regarding measurement techniques and related bibliography. Additional information is provided in sub-tables. The BAD has a dedicated Search facility, which directs queries along the lower and upper bounds of the search fields: names of proteins, names of surfaces, etc.

To browse the BAD click here.
To search the BAD click here.

Prediction of the mass of adsorbed protein

The literature data presented in BAD allows the neural networks-based prediction of the surface-adsorbed protein mass. This prediction has been validated to be below 5% error for the overall data available in the BAD. Other parameters relevant to protein adsorption, such as the thickness of protein layers and the surface tension of protein-covered surfaces, can also be estimated. The predictions should be used with caution because they are based on data that have experimental errors sometimes larger than 5% and obtained using different measurement methods.

To access the neural networks prediction applet click here.
The applet for the estimation of the surface tension of protein-covered surfaces and the layer thickness estimation applet will be available soon. The respective Matlab file can be downloaded here.

Additional information

The BAD provides links to additional information about the proteins, buffers, surfaces, measurement methods and relevant literature.

To access this information, click here.

Submit new data to the BAD

We welcome additions to the BAD. New data will upgrade the database as well as enhance the predictions capabilities of the neural networks-based program.

The guidelines for submission of new data into BAD can be downloaded here.

To submit new data to the BAD, click here.